12 Day of Anime Announcement + Concurrent Listings of Posts

Hey ya’ll. This is just a brief announcement post about how I’ll be participating in the upcoming 12 days of anime challenge that’s been floating around the community for some time. If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s pretty much an anime advent calendar about certain shows you’ve watched in 2017 and you release a post per day about something you’ve watched, played, or experienced this year (more information here). Hopefully one year all three of us on this blog will be able to participate in this challenge, either as a Backloggers 12 days of anime or possibly even individually as 3 separate ones.

This is more of a challenge for myself than anything, as I’m going to be attempting to write about all sorts of anime that I wanted to write about this year, but the posted ended up being unfinished or the ideas never became fully fleshed out enough to get a full post out of. I can’t guarantee that each post will necessarily be a full length post as we normally do, but I can promise that some of the ideas presented will at least try to be equivalent to one.

The main goal for me about this challenge is that I’m pushing myself to finish these unwritten posts and get all 12 written, along with just being able to take a concept and see how far I can take it with some thought-provoking discussion. Each of these posts will be circling around the broad theme of “How lifestyle changes affect behavior” and I’ll be viewing the characters of various works through that particular lens, reflecting how characters experience events in these particular instances, and then using that to show how in our lives similar changes can occur.

Through this, I can also talk a little bit about each of the anime themselves, although note that the posts themselves won’t necessarily be reviews detailing every aspect of the show. There’s plenty of other blogs doing that way better than I ever could. Also, there will be spoilers for some of these shows, so fair warning in that regard as well. Eventually this post will also link back to all of the posts I’ve written for 12 days of anime, so if you miss one, you can easily find them here.

Without further ado, here’s the list of shows I’m writing about (in case you never saw them on the spreadsheet here).

Dec 14 – Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice)
Dec 15 – Masamune-kun no Revenge (Masamune-kun’s Revenge)
Dec 16 – Aldnoah.Zero
Dec 17 – Re:Creators
Dec 18 – Hai to Gensou no Grimgar (Grimgar, Fantasy, and Ash)
Dec 19 – Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
Dec 20 – Your Name (Kimi no na wa.)
Dec 21 – White Album 2
Dec 22 – No Game No Life: Zero
Dec 23 – Doki Doki Literature Club
Dec 24 – Girls und Panzer
Dec 25 – Anime-gataris

Hopefully the upcoming posts will be interesting in some regard, and I hope that you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them. And as always, thanks for sticking around and reading our content. We all really appreciate your support!

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