Mythos’ Discussions

My name’s Mythos and I enjoy discussing in-depth the different aspects of anime and the anime industry as well as media as a whole.  Plus, uh, pretty much anything that fits my fancy.  This page is for all of my thoughts on different topics and includes links to each post.  Lemme know what you think!  (Each section is from newest to oldest.)


– Kill la Kill – Feminism, Sexuality… Revisited  – Here

– Psycho-Pass – Infectious Misinformation – Here

– The Deconstruction of an Idol – Here

– The Music of Psychics – Here

Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita:  The Morality of the Fae – Here

– Nichijou:  A Modern Day Looney Tunes –  Here

– Picking up Chicks in Dungeons and Other Ideas About Chivalry – Here

Trigun:  Call Now and We’ll Double It.  Double the Bullets, Double the Actions, and Double the Dollars – Here

– FLCL and Revitalizing Creativity – Throwing S**t at the Wall Until Something Sticks – Here

– Mai Waifu Vs. Your Best Girl – The ideas of “waifuism” versus “best girl”, and how the celebration of characters can be a good thing if not taken too far – Here

– Genshiken vs. Genshiken Nidaime:  Old vs New.  My nostalgic ramblings and how changing views in Otaku culture show a great future – Here

– Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Revisionism and How Studio Shaft “Felt Like Destroying Something Moe” – Here

– Kill la Kill – Feminism, Sexuality, and WHY IS EVERY EPISODE MORE INTENSE THAN THE LAST!? – Here


– Fallout 76 – The Importance of Seeing our Homes in Media – Here

– Lady Bird and the Slice of Life Genre in Films – Here

– The Art of Peace in War: Emergent friendship in PVP games – Here

– Sunstone – Love, humor, and heart hidden in a BDSM story – Here

– Henry Blake’s Plane – How Modern Television owes a lot to M*A*S*H (Not anime but still cool, I swear!) – Here

Fun Lists

– My Five Favorite BAMF Female Characters in Anime – Here

– My Favorite Hilarious Troll Moves I’ve Seen in Anime – Here

Opinion Pieces

– Fanservice and Differing Opinions – Here

– My feelings on the Netflix situation – Here


Wanna give feedback or just tell me how terrible of a human being I am?  Leave a comment below!  You smexy person, you.

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