About Mythos

As Owningmatt used first-person for his bio, this one will be entirely in third-person to spite him.

Mythos is a self-detrimental observer of media who loves to point out things he thinks are cool even when everyone else thinks they’re totally not.  He first got into anime way back in the 90s with the typical kids shows, even watching them later than most other kids, but never gave up through the bullying and name-calling, hardening him later for the coming Internet shitstorm, and actively watched anime all throughout his life.  While a good amount of his favorite shows are more recent, because he grew up with anime, he appreciates the older series of the 80s to early 2000s, even though they may not be the prettiest to look at. (Unless they’re Akira or Cowboy Bebop.  Damn, son)

When he’s not writing blog articles on random ideas about anime, he also watches said anime as well as many other forms of entertainment including movies, tv shows, and other animation from across the globe.  Mythos enjoys games and went to school for game programming and design, now having a degree in computer programming.  He also likes to listen to music from a lot of genres and composes some on the side when he gets the chance which he hopes someone enjoys someday.

You can find him at Hummingbird or Myanimelist for his list of anime, Soundcloud for the music he writes, Story Time With Mythos for his new site where he writes short stories, and Tumblr for the infinite scroll of pretty pictures and tasteful but slightly erotic computer programming gifs from time to time.

Wanna send me a positive message or tear down my low self-esteem?  Post a comment below or ask me on Twitter!  P-Please notice me, senpai.

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