About The Backloggers

We’re a group of anime lovers with a mountain of anime we still need to watch.  As we venture into our backlog of shows and movies, we’ve decided to discuss each one with you and talk about the merits of individual anime and the anime industry, as well as discuss the community surrounding anime and our thoughts on the current airing seasons.

With varying views and ideas, The Backloggers strive to create intellectual discussion and thoughts about different anime-related mediums (and sometimes others as well). This group originally started from three guys that met up by simply saying “Hey, you wanna watch some anime?”.

From there, we have gone through multiple series of varying genres, and continue to explore not only anime, but the ideas behind them as well. We tend to look at media from a different angle than the mainstream communities that follow a particular series, show, or game, and with three people doing analysis, discussion, and research on different aspects of the mediums, ideas and theories are developed on even the finer details of a show or series.

As you explore the site and read the different author’s posts, you’ll notice that even though we may watch the same shows or have similar thoughts on some areas, each author will have their own unique views reflected into their posts and will give new insight onto a topic that you may have never thought about before. Even though we each view things from a similar standpoint, our viewpoints can widely differ depending on a show.

With that said, I hope you enjoy each post that the authors (us) have, or at least appreciate the viewpoints that we decide to take. Happy reading!

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