About Owningmatt93

Quick Facts:

1. My Twitter is @Owningmatt93. I talk about whatever, but it’s mostly anime and games.
2. I have a BS degree in Digital Forensics and Information Assurance (not anime, sorry folks).
3. I have a MAL and a Kitsu that I keep regularly updated, if you wanna judge my poor life choices in real time.
4. If you want to chat about something or are just that dedicated to knowing what I’m doing, my Discord handle is Owningmatt93#5366, if that’s your sort of thing.


Heyo, I’m Owningmatt93, AKA Matt. You probably already realized that, but hey, now you know for sure! One mystery solved! Anyway…

I’d say my anime history is a bit more unique from others solely because I never watched much anime growing up, minus the occasional episode of Pokemon or Yugioh. I tried to get into anime several times during high school and it never seemed to really strike me as something I’d like, even after trying shows that many people raved about like Naruto or Haruhi Suzumiya. However, during my college years, I ended up watching K-ON!! through a series of bizarre events and massively enjoyed every second of it. The rest is pretty much history.

Most anime that I’ve watched and enjoyed are series that are newer, solely because of the fact that I’m newer to anime and older series have a particular style and feel to them that I’ve never been able to relate to easily. On top of that, genres that I enjoy such as drama, romance, and heavy plot-centric stories are much easier to find in newer anime, if only because of the sheer volume and diversity of series available.

Because of my history with anime, my thoughts on particular themes and shows may be a bit abnormal compared to others in the community. Therefore, posts and analyses I write are usually based around community discussions within the medium and examining them from a viewpoint that may have yet to be considered. I feel that looking at an idea from a new angle helps us as viewers understand why each of us holds specific opinions and also opens the discussion to others unfamiliar with a particular topic. This is why many posts that I write may seem controversial, heavily opinionated, or just plain absurd, but the goal is to generate a discussion within the community and encourages others to examine ideas from different angles as well.

Other topics I may discuss are technical aspects of presentation (translation, subtitles, video quality, ect.), subcultures and fandoms, and similar “meta” content.

Hope you enjoy whatever content I end up writing about, and feel free to contact me to suggest any ideas you might have!

The worst I’ll do is make bad puns, I promise.

Leave a comment below!

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