Owningmatt93’s Discussions

Out of the three members of the Backloggers, the topics of my discussions are probably the most random of them all. I tend to do lots of experimenting with different post ideas and use these posts as an outlet to try and nuance my own thoughts better. However, there’s always a good deal of interesting thoughts, no matter how “out there” or insane they might seem.

As also discussed on my About page, the types of discussions I tend to enjoy writing are ones that present a new angle or view upon an anime or popular community topic, whether it’s a common view that many people hold or a well-established rule about a particular set of media. I enjoy talking about these things, as it’s relatively easy for people to relate to and doesn’t require much additional knowledge outside of a basic idea or concept of what’s being discussed.

Analyzing and picking apart shows to find out what they’re made of is something else I do relatively often with my posts. This involves picking apart some of the key parts of an anime that I feel that were important to understanding that particular aspect. It’s a type of exploratory writing style for both me and the reader, as I attempt to find out why I like a particular series, while the reader also gets to see my views and experiences and explore those same ideas through their own eyes as well as my own. While this usually does require knowledge of the series in question, it can be very exciting to see the vast differences of perspectives that people have about that particular show.

All of my writing is centered around fostering some sort of discussion with the community, as that’s something I absolutely love to see among fans of anime; a great discussion about the works that they love. I encourage people to share their different viewpoints with me, as I do with them. You can’t have a thriving community without any form of discussion, after all.

If you find something that you liked (or disliked even, no shame in that), leave a comment somewhere or message me on Twitter! I’m always ready to have a good discussion with someone!

All of my previous discussions I’ve written are located here.

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