Owningmatt93’s Discussions

Welcome. You made a good choice by coming to my discussion page. I mean, you couldn’t really make a bad choice anyway, all of the discussion pages are good choices!

But I digress…

As also stated on my About page, the types of discussions I enjoy writing are ones that present a new angle or view upon an already discussed topic, whether it’s a common view that many people hold on a topic or a well-established rule about a particular set of media. I also enjoy talking about things currently being discussed in the anime community, as it’s easy for people to relate to and doesn’t (usually) require much additional knowledge outside of a basic idea of what’s being discussed.

Another sort of post I enjoy doing is analyzing a show and picking out some interesting aspects of it that I feel that were important to understanding that particular show. It’s a type of exploratory writing style for both me and the reader, as I attempt to find out why I like a particular series, while the reader also gets to see my views and experiences and see where they connect/disconnect with that medium. While this usually does require knowledge of the series in question, it can be very exciting to see the vast differences of perspectives on one particular show.

All of my writing revolves around having a form of discussion with the community, or at least tangentially so, and that’s something I absolutely strive for in my discussion posts. I encourage people to share their different viewpoints with me, as I do with them. You can’t have a thriving community without open discussions, after all.

If you find something that you want to discuss in my posts, leave a comment or message me on Twitter! I’m always ready for a good discussion!

All of my discussions I’ve written are located here.

Leave a comment below!

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