Log Time Podcast

The Log Time Podcast is pretty much an open discussion space for all three of us to get together and discuss particular aspects about anime, anime culture, and shows we’ve decided to watch together.

This was originally inspired by what we used to do back in college, where we would all get together, watch anime together, and talk about interesting aspects of a particular show. After graduating, we decided to continue the tradition by using the powers of the Internet and a little bit of Youtube magic. With a lack of heavy analytical content about anime on Youtube, especially in podcast form, we decided to fill this gap by doing what we’ve always done: discuss anime as a group.

The podcast not only allows us to make all sorts of comedic jokes and wordplay that are impossible to re-create in written format, but also lets us carry the discussion further, removing word counts and other writing limitations from the picture. We can bounce ideas off of each other and go deeper into discussion even more so than before. Everyone can have input about their own different ideas and opinions on topics, making it very much a round-table discussion between ourselves instead of preaching about one particular topic for a lengthy period of time.

The format can vary depending on what we’re talking about, whether that be just a particular series that we all decided to watch, seasonal airing shows, or just a topic that’s striking the anime community, but the idea remains the same: analytical discussion between each other about the topic at hand. Visually, the podcast typically has on-screen references to the topics being discussed, but is equally as effective if you’re just listening to the audio.

Enough about the podcast itself though, go ahead and jump into any particular episode of the podcast that grabs your interest! All of the episodes can be found in the playlist below or at the link found here!

We’ve also got them up on iTunes here for anyone to listen to.

We hope you enjoy listening to our discussions as much as we love having them!

You can view our playlists of show discussions or our seasonal podcast below!

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