The Backloggers — Anime of the Decade Post Announcements

Hey y’all, it’s ya bois from The Backloggers here.

As y’all know, it’s nearing the end of 2019 (thank god, am I right?) and with the end of 2019 comes the end of the decade). Anime has undergone some pretty drastic changes since the beginning of the decade as well, in terms of amount and style. Seasonal anime has become a larger thing than ever in recent years, and the anime community has grown to a size that I never would have expected. There have been plenty of revolutionary shows in the meantime as well, some even being large game-changers of the medium as a whole.

Considering all of this, we felt it was appropriate to share some of our favorites from the decade. Sort of in the same vein as the Twitter trend that’s been going around, we wanted to express our feelings on anime, but in a bit of a more structured and detailed manner with some of that loveable Backloggers flair. We’re going to be sharing some posts about shows that we felt stuck out to us, shows that we generally enjoyed, and also just shows that we felt reflective of what we like to see within an anime. 

On top of that, we’re doing things a bit different this time as well. To give us more room to share different shows and opinions about the shows from the decade, all of us at the Backloggers are doing our own separate post, but still sticking to the same general ideas of above. We also were trying to be considerate to our readers and to not make a singular post that took the entirety of the next decade to read. 

Below we have a schedule that will show when each of us will share our Anime of the Decade post with the world

December 24 – General Tofu’s Post
December 26 – Mythos’ Post
December 28 – Owningmatt93’s Post

Yep! That’s all we got for now! Hope you enjoy our wonderful, wonderful anime of the decade in the near future!

4 thoughts on “The Backloggers — Anime of the Decade Post Announcements

    • It’s definitely a hard choice. The initial list that I had had almost one anime from each season of the decade that I loved. Almost makes me wish that we had started our blog in 2010. That way we could’ve covered a lot more ground in terms of shows that we enjoyed thus far.

      Anyway, I think between three of us, we’re gonna have a good selection of shows that will at least be recognized in some way or another, so I’m hoping that will be good enough!

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