August 2017 Monthly Content Round-up

Hey, Mythos here!

Well, it’s another month in the Anisphere and there’s been a ton of new and awesome content to check out!  It seems like every month there’s just more and more incredible analyses, entertaining videos, and in-depth podcasts that I’m having trouble wading through the sea of content.  I love it, though, and I think it speaks to the incredible love the world has for a medium that started so little on a small collection of islands in the pacific.

Well, given how much there is to look at, we Backloggers thought we’d take it upon ourselves to point out a few.  So grab a beer and a cowboy hat as we have ourselves a hot dang hootenanny and round up of few of ‘em rascals for y’all’s viewin’ pleasure.  Ignore the Texan bleeding through and let’s get started with a choice pick from all of us at the Backloggers!

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The Backloggers’ Bizarre Adventures | Gaia Online Shenanigans [Part 1]

The Backloggers take an adventure into the past to explore Gaia Online and how much it’s changed… or not.

Take a trip into the depths of the depravity, exploring how sometimes the past is better to just be left forgotten and undisturbed.

Buckle in folks, this is gonna be a ride.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

Thanks to VEM311 for editing this video! Check out her channel here!

The Backloggers Introduction — Prepare Yourself for Backlogs of Fun

Welcome to The Backloggers, a new anime blog website talking about some of the ins-and-outs of different anime and anime mediums!

As you may have already guessed, we’re a group of anime lovers with a mountain of anime we still need to watch through.  So, as we venture into our backlog of shows and movies, we’ve decided to talk about some of these series with you and discuss the merits of anime, the anime industry, fansubs, and some of our thoughts about the current anime season as well.

With each blog member having different views and ideas, The Backloggers strive to create intellectual discussion and thoughts about different mediums within anime and anime-related mediums.  The birth of this idea formed from three guys that initially met up by simply saying, “Hey, you wanna watch some anime?”.

Although we’re good friends and share similar interests, we still have our differences and different thoughts about each show we watch. Because of this, posts by various members of the blog may not share the same viewpoints as one another, which is something that we actively promote as well. Just because we are close does not mean we have to agree with one another or share similar ideas or thoughts about a show! However, no matter what the original viewpoint may be, we still strive to bring you the same type of intelligent and in-depth discussions on anime and related mediums. 

So now that we have the introduction to our blog out of the way, let’s jump right into that sweet, sweet content, shall we?