Prepare Yourself… For Backlogs of Fun

Welcome to The Backloggers.  We’re a group of anime lovers with a mountain of anime we still need to watch.  So, as we venture into our backlog of shows and movies, we’ve decided to discuss each one with you and talk about the merits of individual anime and the anime industry as well as discuss fansubs and our thoughts on the shows of this current season.

With varying views and ideas, The Backloggers strive to create intellectual discussion and thoughts about different mediums within anime (and sometimes other mediums).  This group originally started from three guys that met up by simply saying “Hey, you wanna watch some anime?”.

Though we’re good friends and watch similar shows, since there’s three of us, we all see things a bit differently from one another which causes us to have differing viewpoints on many ideas and shows.  Because of this, each blog you see on here will be different and go over different ideas.  That said, we still all strive to bring you intelligent discussion on multiple mediums and the different ideas and philosophies of each genre or show.

So now that we have our introduction out of the way, let’s skip the foreplay and go right to the sweet, sweet lovely content, shall we?

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