Bad Things Keep Happening to Good Characters: the Season — Summer 2020 Week 2 Check-In

Welcome back to the weekly check-in series! Now that we’ve got most of the premieres out of the way, the focus of these posts is going to be on what I think is still worth keeping up with, what’s lagging behind, what’s new (whether a series actually premiered later than others, or if I just started on it), and all that jazz.

All things considered, this was a pretty packed second week for most of the shows represented here, so hop on in!

What’s new?

Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice

I love great anime adaptations of otome games. I don’t know if this is going to be one of them. I wouldn’t say that there’s anything that’s outright horrible about Mr. Love. The premise of a spunky young unnamed heroine having handsome superpowered men falling into her lap as she runs a television show about supernatural events is, in and of itself, pretty fun. The thing is, though, as I continued to watch it, it felt as though the episode was suffering from a death by a thousand cuts sort of method. So many small things just felt weird, and don’t really bode well for the future of the show (for me personally, anyways). The pacing feels off, the husbandos are passable at best, and the heroine is not really giving me a whole lot of reason to care about her. 

Realistically speaking, I can chalk these issues up to the fact that this is, again, an adaptation of an otome game, and doing that in an effective way when you have all of twelve episodes to do so is a pretty herculean task. I’m willing to give it another episode or so, but it’s not exactly high up on my list.

What’s good?


While this episode got us moving in the direction of the Sanctuary, more than anything else, this episode managed to introduce a number of new cast members, and to sow some serious questions and concerns about both old and new characters. Betty knew Petelgeuse (that’s the official spelling, sue me) somehow? Puck has disappeared? We’re face to face with someone who claims to be the Witch? To say that I’m concerned would be a huge understatement. Please send help. And keep watching.

The Misfit of Demon King Academy

The man threw a whole castle. I repeat, the man threw a whole castle. That’s really all we need to say. That, and he spoke his own name as soon as he was birthed, so that was great. I’m still not convinced that this show is trying to be taken seriously, because it’s just so absurd at all turns that if it was actually trying to be cool, impressive, or whoa-worthy, I don’t know what the author was thinking. It’s a lot of fun, it’s incredibly stupid, and that’s all I want out of this show.

The God of High School

I’m delighted to say that the second episode was for sure able to follow the first and keep my interest in the show fresh. We get a good variety of stuff this episode: some small fight montages for the first round of the GoHS tournament; a good bit of bonding for our core trio; a gnarly fight between Prison Man Kang Manseok and Tai Chi Boy Go Gamdo, with some light exposition for character motivations; President Tony Stark; and, of course, more evidence to show that Jin is obscenely overpowered. I wanted this episode to keep me excited for the series, and it definitely delivered. Check it out if you haven’t by now!


After a hugely uncomfortable emotional talk an episode or so back, the Service Club has been commissioned to put on a prom for their high school. What could possibly go wrong? If your answer is “everything,” then congratulations, we’re all on the same page now. I’m screaming on the inside.


Do y’all remember Gamers! from a few seasons back? Because holy hell, I’m in a sweat over how much this absolute shitshow is reminding me of that. While the core subject is obviously not the same, the continued string of coincidences that continue to get Kazuya and Chizuru into trouble is mind-blowing (how in the HELL is it that they’re next-door neighbors? And that they attend the same college? And that Kazuya’s ex is already back in the picture and is yet another bystander roped into the lie that they’re actually dating?). The coincidences and misunderstandings just keep piling on one after the other, and it’s just hilariously, unrelentingly anxiety-inducing. Kamisama bless this show.


I am literally not going to say anything about what happens this episode, because holy shit is it a trip. It’s such an unexpected turn of events that I was left reeling by the end of it. If you enjoyed last week’s premiere, stop whatever you’re doing right now and go watch the second episode.

And the rest?

Lapis Re:LiGHTs

Lapis is definitely still a show, and I’m still not entirely sure that it’s entirely sure what it wants to do with itself. We did get a little bit more about the caste system at Flora, as well as a small performance (I think they were called operas? Symphonies? It was something other than just calling it a performance, like normal people.) by the unit Supernova, which was nice to flesh things out a little bit. The true highlight was the chase scene with Alphonse the duck, though.

Honestly, Lapis is by no means bad, but it’s really not doing a whole lot to stand out and hold my attention. I’m willing to give it another week or so, but who knows beyond that.

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