Hand to Hand – A Vile and Disgusting Manga

Before I begin, I need to warn our dear readers that this topic is not just Not Safe For Work, but delves into a depravity that is shocking.  Were it not for the need for people to know of this, I wouldn’t even whisper a word of this degeneracy to the community. However, this needs to be known so as to prevent any further falling of humanity.  Read on with caution.

Hand to Hand is very much what it seems and is unashamed of its filth, shoving it in our faces on even just the very first page.

This manga’s love for this salacious act knows no bounds. Fuchizumi is obsessed with hands and constantly wants to hold hands with others. The popular girl in public, in secret, she is heading down a path of sin with her boyfriend. However, the fact that our Shijima was the one confessed to means nothing when you realize that he is not being forced into this relationship. His consent marks him as just as culpable as the girl he likes. While Shijima is new to all this, Fuchizumi seems to be a practiced defiler of what could even be considered decent in a relationship.

Not only does she engage in such fetishistic acts, she also engages in ways to “spice things up” by using her partner in crime’s hand for various other “games”, even going so far as to, and it horrifies me to say…

Finger Wrestle

Yet it doesn’t stop there. Fuchizumi continues down this path of horror, brazenly trying to chase her high, regardless of location or who might see. She seems to take pleasure in the more heinous she can make the act, and Shijima’s submissive nature to her finds himself beginning to be corrupted by her brashness.

It would be one thing if we could say that it’s just Fuchizumi and Shijima that are participating in this. We easily could reprimand this and resolve this issue of depravity. However, as the story unfolds, we find that there is a network of these youths, participating in such acts together, further polluting our young generation’s morals. Who knows what they could do left unchecked? And with how much influence and sway Fuchizumi has in her public life, what untold horrors could our children be participating in?

As the story goes on, we see some of these individuals that dot this seedy underground of sinful fetish. For instance, a palm reader, upon looking at Shijima, decides to offer him her “services” for free. But certainly not least is also Nadekawa Hirara, who’s so far gone as to include in her fetishistic desires the abhorrent “Head Pats”.

Not only is she willing to fall so low by herself, she engages in non-consensual acts, forcing another to be a part of her own vile desires, as we see when she attacks Shijima, and in public while she is supposed to be working!

She consistently pushes past Shijima’s boundaries and even goes so far as to stalk him during his gym class. Nadekawa finds her prey and refuses to give up on him, even though he’s dedicated to another.

To say that this mangaka is too far gone is an understatement. To have even conceptualized such a work shows a lost soul whose body has been left on this world to corrupt those around them. If this were simply just a book with descriptions, it would be worrying but easy to tune out. However, as manga is a visual medium as well, the mangaka is free to bring to life on a page heinous and detailed crimes with a body part that most other artists shy away from in fear. Be warned, dear reader, the enemy is out there and they are horrifyingly powerful.

But really, though. Happy April Fool’s Day. Don’t kink-shame people!

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