Log Time Seasonal Podcast | End of Winter 2020 — My Favorite Anime Made It to the End of the Season!

The Winter 2020 season ended on quite a lot of strong notes! There were a lot of contenders for what we would talk about on this wrap-up cast, but for the sake of not having this take three hours, we had to narrow it down to some of the season’s best of the best. It’s not like we were doing much else during a global pandemic, but hey.

We’ve got a whole smorgasbord of stuff for you in this one: we dive headfirst and get all the Backloggers memes in that we can, talk about how hilariously good Darwin’s Game is in the death game genre, completely geek out about Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun, and, honestly, do a lot of that for almost every show we talk about. It’s such a good crop of shows from this season, so if you’ve got nothing better to do right now, this would be a great chance to hop into some of our recommendations here. Hop on in!

Audio Links: iTunes | SoundCloud

Intro/Outro Music: The Elephant by A Shell in the Pit

This podcast was recorded March 27th, 2020.

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