The Cottage Industry of Indie Game Soundtracks

Not anime related but absolutely worth a read for any fan of games or music. Some of the best and more interesting soundtracks on here.

I’ll be finishing up some posts soon!

Bandcamp Daily

Superbrothers: Sword and SworceryA screen from Sword & Sworcery

“When we first reached out to Danny Baranowsky, from ‘Crypt of the NecroDancer,’ he told us he had sold 23,000 copies of the music from the game. In the indie world, that would be like signing Beach House.”—Patrick McDermott

Jim Guthrie has played video games since he was a kid, but he doesn’t really consider himself a gamer. He’s spent most of his adult life as a touring musician, playing with indie rock bands like Islands and Human Highway. One of his solo albums, Now More Than Ever, was even nominated for a Juno—Canada’s version of the Grammys—in 2005 (it lost to Feist’s Let it Die). Despite his critical success and indie rock street cred, he lived in a house in Toronto with five other guys, touring sporadically, and making something in the neighborhood of $12,000 a year. “I wouldn’t say I…

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