The Toxicity of “Media Shaming” and Its Effects on Criticism in Anime

“Here we go again.”

It’s what I continuously say season after season when another discourse comes to light within the anime community. I don’t think it would necessarily be a problem if the discussions were fruitful and people were more understanding, a problem that I talked about back when responding to Irina’s article several months ago. That’s not to say that I think discourse is invalid or that I think that people shouldn’t be discussing how they feel about a particular show, but there’s a limit as to how you should do it and treating your debate partners with respect and understanding while doing so.

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The Backloggers’ Bizarre Adventures | Gaia Online Shenanigans [Part 1]

The Backloggers take an adventure into the past to explore Gaia Online and how much it’s changed… or not.

Take a trip into the depths of the depravity, exploring how sometimes the past is better to just be left forgotten and undisturbed.

Buckle in folks, this is gonna be a ride.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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