Log Time Podcast #7 | Summer 2015 Anime — Shounen With Sunglasses

Log Time is the podcast of The Backloggers where we talk about anime, manga, light novels, and how Albert Wesker should never be allowed to drive at night given his vision impairments.

Back because of popular demand of the three people who do it, it’s the Log Time Podcast! In this episode, Owningmatt and Mythos discuss strange games about games, the Summer 2015 season of anime, relating Noragami to American Gods, and so much moar!

Thanks Krista (keytajoy) for making our Logo for this week’s Log Time!

Intro and Outro song: “Platform” by Or4nges

Summer 2015 Anime – Watching

As this post comes rolling through, it seems that half of the Summer 2015 anime has already aired and most people probably have already formed opinions about what they’re watching this season. As standard procedure though, I’m going to roll out what my thoughts are on these series and tell you why I continue watching the anime that I’ve chosen.

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