Log Time Seasonal Podcast | End of Summer 2019 — Lost in the (Not So) Wasteful Days of Summer Anime

It’s that time again folks, where we talk about all the seasonal hits and duds. Luckily as with many past seasons, we didn’t watch the duds after the first few eps; we watch it so you don’t have to!

We still talk about our adventures with the season though, which was mostly a success, minus a certain anime about firefighters that got superseded by a movie about firefighters instead… which despite our intentions, we ended up forgetting to talk about!

Either way, here’s some of the popular stuff from the season. Hope you enjoy the deep dive into some of the shows we watched!

Audio Links: iTunes | SoundCloud

This podcast was recorded October 3rd, 2019.

Intro/Outro Music: The Elephant by A Shell in the Pit

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