Log Time Seasonal Podcast | Beginning of Summer 2019 — O Anime in This (Not So) Savage Season

I feel like we say this fairly often, but the Summer 2019 season has surprised us with a lot of good good stuff to watch. There’s everything in here you could possibly want. Cute, sincere romance-centric shows? Got ’em. Good dumb shounen fun? It’s in here. High school idiots? Oh buddy, do we ever. Trash? I mean, yeah, it’s here, too.

Join two dinguses and a dying man to discuss things in this episode such as our new hot-blooded shounen series block (shounen hype mileage may vary), more “wow, I didn’t know this show existed”‘s than you can shake a stick at, discussing “the greatest show ever made” brought to you by trains, and previewing “Rush Hour if Jackie Chan was an elf.”

Audio Links: iTunes | SoundCloud

This podcast was recorded August 2nd, 2019.

Intro/Outro Music: The Elephant by A Shell in the Pit

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