Apologies for the Lack of Updates

Hey all!

I feel bad that this site hasn’t updated a lot recently and I wanted to explain the situation to people.  Recently, my life was weighted down with a lot of difficult problems and changing scenarios.  I’ll be moving soon and along with that, I’m dealing with a landlord who’s flown the coop, a new job situation, and a lot of pretty bad days.  And that’s just me.  OwningMatt has been dealing with his own things as well.  Mostly for him, it’s been a lack of electricity that hampers his work and stops feeding power into his fence to keep out his adoring fans (namely me) but he managed to get a wonderful discussion out recently that everyone should check out.  Luckily for you all, we’re probably mostly figured out now and will update soon!  For anyone that’s interested, my next discussion will be on Trigun, one of my favorite shows from my youth and a wonderful story wrapped up in an interesting twist on both scifi and western genres.  Along with that, we’ll also be releasing a few podcasts if anyone’s interested that I haven’t had time to edit until now.

So they’ll be plenty of more content soon from us goons so stay tune!


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