Log Time Podcast #3 | Spring 2015 Anime (cont.) — Unmasking the Mysteries of Love

Log Time is the podcast of The Backloggers where we talk about anime, manga, light novels, and where grown men get really giddy over shows that were specifically made for girls because damn if they can’t be good love stories.

In this episode, Owningmatt and Mythos wrap up some talk on Dungeon, get nostalgic over high school band camp with Hibike! Euphonium, laugh over stereotypical bad guys in Show By Rock!, love on some love stories in Ore Monogatari, and gush over great writing in Yahari.

Also, please ignore the fact that we complain about the audio.  It was mostly just in our headphones and not the fact that we were going crazy.  We found out Mythos had a really crappy connection with his mic that all the audio was routing through so everything’s fixed now.

Intro and Outro song: “Platform” by Or4nges

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