The Backloggers’ Bizarre Adventures | Gaia Online Shenanigans [Part 1]

The Backloggers take an adventure into the past to explore Gaia Online and how much it’s changed… or not.

Take a trip into the depths of the depravity, exploring how sometimes the past is better to just be left forgotten and undisturbed.

Buckle in folks, this is gonna be a ride.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

Thanks to VEM311 for editing this video! Check out her channel here!

Log Time Podcast #1 | Spring 2015 Anime — Let’s Get This Terrible Party Started!

Log Time is the podcast of The Backloggers where we talk about anime, manga, light novels, and randomly divulge into jokes about taking potato chips and eating them.

In this episode, Owningmatt and Mythos talk about their thoughts and feelings on the Spring 2015 anime season as well as how to use plot devices and what is this generation’s introductory anime.

Also, due to Owningmatt’s nervous habit of clicking pens, clicky pens are now banned from the podcast.