Henry Blake’s Plane – How Modern Television Owes a lot to M*A*S*H

While it’s not anime, M*A*S*H is something near and dear to my heart so I wanted to talk about it real quick. It’s not a huge post and I’ll have one up about Madoka in just a bit. But for now, here’s something from an award-winning 1970s-80s sitcom drama.


Radar walks into the makeshift military operating room already in agony, but trying to hold a steady voice.  Around him, everyone is working, attempting to sew up the mountain of casualties that come in one after another onto the operating table.  Radar, too unstable music_abyssinia_henry_01_trapper_humsto stand, leans on the closest thing to him and announces through tears to the doctors, nurses,and staff in the room,  “I have a message… Lieutenant Colonel Henry Blake’s plane… was shot down over the Sea of Japan.  It spun in…  There were no survivors.”  Radar walks out and leaves the operating room.  The only sound among the friends of Henry Blake, the closest family he had, is the clink of instruments working through injured bodies of more military casualties.  Somewhere off-screen, one instrument falls to the floor and clatters in the almost silence as everyone continues to work.  There’s no stopping to mourn for their closest friend while the war rages on.  They can only continue to work through their tears.

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