Monthly Manga – Sanju Mariko

Forewarning for some, this is going to be a bit heavier discussion that deals with death, but it is uplifting in the end.

Many of my generation joke about how old we feel when there’s new Internet lingo we don’t know or some younger generation doesn’t know one of our favorite artists we listened to when we were in high school.  It’s fun to joke about and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it.  However, the feeling of growing old is a very real thing.  Visiting my own grandparents, my grandmother would discuss at length the struggles she faces as she grows more frail and watches those she was closest with pass on.  It’s hard to accept the inevitability of growing old, let alone make the best of it.

Sanju Mariko is a story about this, dealing with the loss of your own ability as well as the loss of those around you, yet still finding a way to go on and enjoy life.

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Picks of the Month – My Brother’s Husband

This is genuinely one of the most heart-warming things I’ve read in awhile.  My Brother’s Husband is a multiple award-winning story about a single father, Yaichi, living in Japan.  His twin brother Ryoji, had moved to Canada and there found love and legally married his fiancé. However, after ten years living abroad, Ryoji suddenly died.  Now, a month has passed and suddenly, Ryoji’s husband, Mike, has decided to come to visit Japan to learn more about his husband and his family that he never got a chance to meet.  While living with them, Mike helps to change the lives of our main character Yaichi and his daughter, helping them to not only come to terms with his brother’s passing, but also his own biases that didn’t allow Yaichi to fully accept his brother.

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12 Days of Anime 2017 [Day 5]: Hai to Gensou no Grimgar – How Death Inspires Personal Growth

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar is an anomaly in the group of shows I’ve chosen for 12 Days of Anime. It’s the only show of these that I respect and understand what it’s doing, and I don’t think it’s a terrible show by any regards, but there are plenty of aspects that left me with a sour taste in my mouth, unrelated to the actual topic of this article. I feel that I have to say this up front, as this article may glorify the show perhaps a bit more than how good the show actually was, but I definitely think it has valid points regarding this topic.

Progressing past the discussion of the less gratifying portions of the show, the topic of death really comes up quite frequently in the story-line of this show, whether you’re following the anime or the light novels. Death itself is obviously not a comfortable topic for anyone to discuss, but Grimgar portrays death in a semi-realistic fashion, both showing the fallout that can be caused over a death and also how people can come closer and grow to be stronger because of one.

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Log Time Podcast #8 Parts 1 and 2 | Death Parade Discussion — Death Revival and Death Reflection

Log Time is the podcast of The Backloggers where we talk about anime, manga, light novels, and how the podcast always seems to go on way longer than we intend it to.

Oh snap, it’s a double post! Happy Jingle Jangle day!

In this episode, the full Backloggers crew focuses in on the popular anime Death Parade. We have an in-depth discussion about the thematic elements and motifs present within the show, along with how the presentation of those elements affected those themes.

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