Log Time Podcast | Zaregoto Discussion — Rigor Parkourtis

Zaregoto was a total surprise to us – when we picked it, none of us even knew the show existed. Suffice to say, we can pretty easily say now that we’re glad we do now. Join us as we talk about Zaregoto – Nisioisin’s murder mystery set on a secluded island – and get into some of the show’s finer points, like characters talking about nonsense, signature styles of shows and authors, and whether or not you should use a headless body as a stepping stool!

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This podcast was recorded December 12th, 2019.

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Letterkenny – a Canadian show that pulls a Monogatari

Bakemonogatari, and the Monogatari series as a whole, is a very unique beast.  The anime spends as much time playing word games as it does going through its actual plot, and you may be surprised to learn that this is not just in its adaptation.  The first novel in the series, Kizumonogatari spends the first chapter talking around a vampire instead of about them, making play-on-words and constant asides rather than actually detailing the character the narrator is supposed to, dancing around the subject until they finally give in… The following chapter.

And this is basically the essence of this series.  Well, if you ignore the random outings into very yikes uncomfortable sexual scenarios and bouts with supernatural beasts.

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Log Time Campfire Cast | MASTERPIECES

Welcome back to the Campfire Cast! In this one, we end up talking about a lot of anime that has made us emotional. However, most of those emotions run the gamut of rage, disgust, confusion, or just flat-out despair (here’s looking at you, Golden Time).

There’s some solid discussions about genre conventions in this one, too, such as what makes a shonen anime a shonen, or what makes a great story in a visual novel or a route-based game/story.

We also dig up a fair number of recommendations of shows that, for various reasons (good and bad) are absolute masterpieces, so don’t miss this one!

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This podcast was recorded November 21st, 2019.

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Log Time Podcast | Seiren Discussion — Awkward High School Romance in Three Acts

Seiren honestly surprised us – pulled from the Mystery Garbage pile, we found that Serien is one of the weirdest, but most upfront school romance series we’ve watched in a long time. Join us as we talk about deer sim games, steamy desks, and the most plot-centric point of all: professional bus stopping.

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This podcast was recorded November 7th, 2019.

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Log Time Seasonal Podcast | End of Summer 2019 — Lost in the (Not So) Wasteful Days of Summer Anime

It’s that time again folks, where we talk about all the seasonal hits and duds. Luckily as with many past seasons, we didn’t watch the duds after the first few eps; we watch it so you don’t have to!

We still talk about our adventures with the season though, which was mostly a success, minus a certain anime about firefighters that got superseded by a movie about firefighters instead… which despite our intentions, we ended up forgetting to talk about!

Either way, here’s some of the popular stuff from the season. Hope you enjoy the deep dive into some of the shows we watched!

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This podcast was recorded October 3rd, 2019.

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The Backloggers Collective — A Fall 2019 Impressions Post


Hey y’all. I know it’s been a while since we’ve gotten out a post about seasonal anime amongst the three of us, but this post is about to change all of that. We typically do a podcast episode about the season and our impressions based on the first episodes, but we experienced some… technical difficulties during the last podcast which prevented us from doing that this time. So instead, we took the opportunity in our hands to do something different and try something new-ish for us. Let us know what you think!

This is going to be a long post so I’ll keep this part short, but basically with this, we wanted to address some of the shows we found interesting during the season. Hopefully you’ll find something good here in case you wrote the season off early like some of us were going to, or if you’re just looking for Backloggers branded recommendations, then you’ll get that here too.

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Violence Voyager Review – A Horror-Filled Journey Into Gekimation

Well, it only took us four years of blogging to get picked up for a review. Go us! 

In all seriousness, though, thanks to TriCoast Studios for reaching out to us about the opportunity to review Violence Voyager – it’s an awesome moment for us to have been asked to do this, and we’ve been pretty dang excited to oblige. I can pretty confidently say that Violence Voyager is entirely unlike anything we’ve seen before as a blogging collective (and you can get a sense of whether or not you’ve seen anything like it, too, by checking out the trailer here)!

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